Hats, Caps and Berets against electromagnetic radiations
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Terms and conditions.


1. The marketing of these products is not for profit.


2. The products are only sold directly to individuals who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, especially at high frequencies radiations. We do not sell it to marketers, entrepreneurs or business enterprises.


3. As the quantity produced is very small, each customer can only purchase a maximum of two copies of the same model, or at most three copies of different models.


4. When the copies of this first experimental series run out, we will accept the orders. Unfortunately the production of an excellent fabric that we have been using and we bought at a reasonable price (Silver-Max, with 53 dB attenuation) doesn’t exist anymore. As all the hypersensitive people are aware, the prices of shielding fabrics are very high and has been increasing this year due to higher silver and copper prices on the international market, so we fear that we will not be able to keep these prices so low in the second series.


5. We will appreciate your suggestions about the hats, caps or beanies models that we must produce, in order to meet the needs of the hypersensitive people coming from other countries with different culture, likes and dislikes..


6. The products will be only sent to the customer after confirming receipt of payment.


7. Anyone who tries to make bank transfers in any other currency than euro will have to pay the costs of exchange.


8. Depending on the situation from each country and from each bank, the bank transfers in Euros made among countries of the European Union, by Internet, will be free of charge.