Hats, Caps and Berets against electromagnetic radiations
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We are a group of people who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.


We have no profit.


We would like to provide to the European people highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiations a product that can significantly improve their personal life, family and society.


The idea of producing hats against electromagnetic radiations came about because I have to discontinue my professional activity as a teacher and a researcher, I couldn’t attend to libraries, archives, laboratories, universities and other public buildings polluted by wireless networks.


Making clothes or buy them by the Internet was a very easy method, although very expensive.


In my case, the most affected organ by the electromagnetic radiations was the brain and there has been no way of protecting myself in public places.


Because of the radiation, when I was in places with wireless Internet I felt dizzy, a warm or a burning sensation in the brain, some bites on my head and an unbearable headache. I could not stay in these places more than 20 or 30 minutes.


Four years ago, there were few protections for head, but they were so awful that we can only use them at home . Nowadays the supply has been improving a little; however, there aren’t yet enough hats, so that the highly sensitive person to electromagnetic radiation could be in a public place without being noticed.


The solution I found was to produce hats for myself, covered with special tissues that I bought on the Internet, which could reduce the electromagnetic radiation factors.


Later on, other people have asked me to provide them similar hats, so the idea of helping other people who suffered from electromagnetic hypersensitivity has appeared.


We hope to be helpful to those who suffer from this complex phenomenon.


These hats, berets and caps, allow these people to attend public places, discreetly, as anyone who does not have this health problem.


In the near future, for tax reasons and if the service that we intend to provide could have some good results among hypersensitive Europeans, a small business may occur. In this case, we will keep the spirit of personal, emotional and social aid, to those who suffer from this ploblem, so debilitating and unfortunately so misunderstood by the others.


 Mário Rodrigues

Professor and researcher (hypersensitive)