Hats, Caps and Berets against electromagnetic radiations
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How to Buy


1st - To buy a product, please send us a request to the e-mail info@emr-brainprotection.com and tell us:


a) The desired model (Reference, model, color, size);

b) The amount (each person can only buy two samples of the same model or three samples of different models because the stock is limited. We only sell to persons highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiations and we do not sell to traders or companies);

c) The desired mode of delivery;

d) The address where the order should be sent.


2nd - Then the buyer will have to wait for the response to e-mail, confirming that the product is available and the referred amount.


3rd - After being informed that the product has been reserved for him, the buyer will make the bank transfer in Pounds Sterling or Euros to the following Accounts:


Payment in Pounds Sterling to this Account:

IBAN - International Bank Account Number:

PT50 0010 9999 4784 9930 6019 7




Payment in Euros to this Account:

IBAN - International Bank Account Number:

PT50 0010 0000 4784 9930 0017 7





4th - After making the bank transfer, the buyer must inform us by e-mail that the operation was made and its certifying.


5th - When was confirmed the receipt of payment, we will send the product.