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The hats, berets and caps that we decided to provide to the European hypersensitive people, are produced in accordance with the following principles:


a) They have the highest shielding possible against electromagnetic radiations, always above 40 dB, in most cases between 55 dB and 80 dB;


b) They are absolutely safe for health. Produced in Switzerland, Germany and in the United States, the protective materials used are safe for Health. Furthermore, they are never in direct contact with the body for hygienic reasons, in order to reduce the number of washings which can damage the protective materials.


c) They are discreet, so that the hypersensitive person could use it in public places without being noticed by the others.  Both these hats and these caps and beanies are similar to any other one.


d) In most cases they are always washable, except the leather berets or some models of hats due to its structure and typology can be only brushed.


e) Whenever possible, the components of the shielding radiation are removable, so that the hat, beret or cap can be washed separately. This increase considerably the longevity of the protective materials;


f) In some models, the buyer can take advantage of the shielding radiation components, removing them and putting them in another hat, cap or beanie, which suits better the buyers. Therefore, the components of radiation attenuation are reusable;


g) They are durable, due to the good quality of the material and reduce the need for washing the protection fabrics (when the protection components are separable from the cap or beanie);


h) They have a good price (similar to a normal hat, beret or beanie but they can block the electromagnetic radiations). All the hypersensitive people are aware of the high price as far as the protection fabrics against electromagnetic radiation are concerned. It is not easy or cheap to produce hats, berets or caps with protection against electromagnetic radiations, for that reason there are not for sale on the market.


Our goal is to be able to serve, help and not for profit.


We started with a few models, but we expect to have a large variety as soon as the customers began ordering and making some suggestions.


In this first experimental series was produced a small quantity of hats, caps and beanies. Some models were only made 10 or 20 copies.


It is likely that this first series runs out quickly, but in a near future we think that we will produce more if we receive orders.


Some models were designed specifically as hats and caps for protection against electromagnetic radiations; others were adapted from standard models that there have already been on the market, to which were added the material of shielding radiations.


Whenever you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.



We try to help if we can.


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